TheBOX® utilizes PuroGen’s proprietary low temperature sterilization and vacuum chamber technologies to create a system capable of safely sterilizing bulk cannabis flower.

With configurable cycles, chamber sizes, accessories and optional features, we can adapt to demanding production environments and processes.

Power Supply Temperature Sensor Controller Vacuum Chamber

Power Supply

TheBOX uses 110 VAC/ 20 A Single Phase/60 Hz so there is no need to requirement to install additional equipment. The device simply plugs into a standard outlet.

Temperature Sensor

The Temperature Sensor.


Temperature, humidity, pressure, time and a proprietary low dose Reactive Oxygen vapor are all tightly controlled throughout each cycle phase to ensure efficacy and repeatability. These values can all be pre-programmed through a controller.

Vacuum Chamber

Where packaged organic plant material is placed for purification. Also, where gaseous/aerosolized reagent is introduced and later evacuated during the sterilization process.